content is king

Bloggers would like to believe that content is king.  Online marketers know otherwise.  Yeah, you can still ambush a keyword with lots of links and yeah, you will rank for it, eventually.

But most online businesses, whether it is specifically content based or otherwise, don’t think in these terms.  They don’t say I will make it “good enough” for the search engines to be satisfied that it is about what I want it to be about.  They also don’t rewrite what already been written, at least not from the perspective that marketers will do it.  And usually they promote their websites to their friends and colleagues.

And for all the arguments and debates over who decides what content is the most relevant or the “best”, the key isn’t who thinks your content is the best….

The key is that YOU think that your content is the best that you can do.  If you do that and then promote it through your niche’s channels, then someone will eventually see it and like it enough to link to it.

I think that that is the big difference.  If you don’t like it enough to stand behind it using your REAL name then it probably isn’t good enough.

If you can’t show your mother your websites or you are embarrassed to show your circle of friends, then it is probably not good enough.  You feel me?

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t do the other stuff as well.  But doing what you do to the best of your abilities and basically not being ashamed of what you do will create a foundation where you building a much more solid frame to work from.

Because otherwise, your link building and promotion efforts are totally, 100%, all you.  You are on your own.  And that’s not a fun place to be.