It shoudn’t surprise anyone that I am very well read when it comes to things that interest me.  These are links to great, thought provoking content that I found this week and “tweeted” or bookmarked for future reading.

The Secrets to Good Marketing-  Good Business-  This article profiles a failing local business who followed some standard advice only to realize that the advice was not only poor but potentially crippling.  To understand the context as to why it was written, there is a link that you should click at the bottom of the article (& tell me the truth…whose advice have you been following up to this point- Rheas or the “other” guy)

Incumbents Die to Irrelevance or Ineptitude-  I love Chris Dixon’s articles.  And you should too.  Because they are smart and thoughtful.  In this article, Chris profiles several businesses that reached their pinnacle and squandered their chances by becoming complacent.  It’s kind of funny that I actually had a conversation yesterday with a friend who lamented that he would hate to be a tech giant because he would feel like he would need to be looking over his shoulder for the next big thing.

10 Great Achievements that Took Time-  This article shows several examples in which great things didn’t happen overnight.  It’s a perfect illustration in a world that thinks that instantaneous (or near instantaneous) awards are the standard, not the exception.  Typically, it isn’t although we tend to see them that way because we only view the end results.  I actually wrote something a while back about the instagram buyout that reflects on this.

The Perfect Marketing Strategy for Soap, Soda and Startups-  Written by Brian Clark from Copyblogger, this article tells the story on how a company made the otherwise bland detergent market interesting to their target audience.

How to Lighten Your Load for SEO-  Michael Martinez writes about the “long tail” and poses the question What need to compete in a highly effective, competitive SEO.

The do-what-you-love guide- Leo Babauta reflects on his meteoric rise on ZenHabits.

Resilant Organizations & Open Networks-  This is a book review but the quotes and comments are worth the read.

Onpage Optimization Tips for Local Businesses-  I still write SEO articles.  Just not so much for this website.  Here is one that recently posted on SearchEnginePeople.  It apparently was good enough to make the Search Cap on Search Engine Land.