• How To Build Your Own “Google Reader”- With the impending “death” of RSS (thanks Google), people are clamoring for alternatives.  Personally, I like Feedly but SEO Joe Hall has another option-  Creating one your own damn self.
  • Why I left News-  Print is dead.  But it isn’t for the reasons that most naturally assume.  Allyson Bird talks about why she left the news.
  • My Advice to Aspiring Writers- A great little inspirational piece for writers, written by Hugh Howey, sci-fi phenom creator of the WOOL series (if you haven’t read it, you should.  Book 1 will take you about an hour).  Bonus Links- 30 things that every writer should know.
  • Sharecropping: A Sucker’s Game Then — and Now-  I have been on a recent tear in regards to social media and it’s effectiveness, particularly Facebook.  But this piece on MediaOrchard’s Website takes it a step further, talking about the newest form of sharecropping in the digital age and many other shenanigans with putting your business at the mercy of other websites.
  • How to Use Schema Markup for Local SEO-  Since Location based SEO is what I tend to do for most clients, this article appealed to me.  Schema markup is relatively new and will likely become more important as time wears on.
  • Using Graceful Degradation to Prospect for Widget Footprints- Ingenious.  A lot of link building is about using footprintable things in search operators.  In this particular article, the focus is on widgets.
  • Inexactitude: the dead spot is the new hotspot.- Here’s a wonderful article about the effects of the digital age on us, as a race, and of all things…the diminishing emergence of serendipity.
    ” citizens were enthusiastic about the layered effect of our data so we could search, sort, friend, follow, retrieve, and archive it in the interest of exactitude. Google, Twitter, Foursquare were changing technology—which is to say, culture. These, and more, increased the opportunity for specificity as they decreased the chance for serendipity.”
  • A look at 101 genuine natural external links-  If you are trying to produce a ratio of anchor text for natural link building, I can guarantee you you are doing it wrong.  This article focuses on what a genuine natural link profile looks like.
  • You Must Read This- The “six pixels” guy discusses our ever diminishing attention spans in a digital world.  Have we reduced ourselves to top 10 lists, sensationalism and animated gifs of cats?  God….I hope not.