It’s been a few weeks since I posted my this week’s links Friday column, partially due to time constraints.  But this week, I am going to cover the best links I happened to unearth that you may or may not be aware of.

  • The Illusion of Personality Branding and the Danger of Personality Business- Tara Gentile talks about personality branding (or YOU being the brand).  On a side note, I deal with this stuff weekly, since probably 1/2 of my work life revolves around musicians trying to make it.  Great advice and worthy of a scan.
  • Website Optimization — Back to Basics- Sure.  SEO is important.  But this is equally important.
  • 7 Readability Tips for Designing Engaging Content-  Personally, in this day and age, I believe that SEO’s either need to have some website design skills themselves or work closely with those who do.  Reason?  Interaction doesn’t stop at ranking.  This article goes over one of my favorite topics..readability.  Because getting them to the page is only half of the equation.
  • Host Images of WordPress Blog in a Subdomain for Better Speed-  You want a fast website because (1) people tend to click away slow loading ones and (2) it’s one of many factors considered when ranking. shows how to speed up your website by hosting your images on a subdomains.  Personally, I would think that hosting them on a VPS may be a better solution, especially if you have several domains but this seems to be a good solution for those who don’t want to pay more.
  • Link Building for Real Content- An absolute fantastic piece by Wayne Barker of “Whilst I know that great content can get you the links that you need, there is often something missing from the posts that I see praising content marketing – they talk about the content and forget about the marketing.”
  • Robbie and Ruthie talk about Pickles- We can all get caught up in catch-phrases and industry jargon or we can call it like it is.  The Ad Contrarian follows a conversation between a “non-marketing” auntie and her marketing nephew.  This is not a new article (2009) but it is new to me.  Special thanks to Spin sucks for sharing this one.  Very Funny.
  • Menu Mind Games-  Another older article but when I read it, I immediately emailed it to several of my restaurant clients.  I wonder how many small restaurateurs actually think about these things.
  • Follow the Media for Links- Lots of great stuff here from one of my personal favs, Debra Mastaler, aka writer of  “As a link builder I’m always interested to know what the media is interested in and the criteria they use to cover a story so I was eager to hear about this show.  Here are a handful of  things that made my linkey senses go all tingly…”