Another busy one this week ;  I am in the process of building an eCommerce website and developing a marketing plan for it to boot and will probably do a series in the next few weeks showing step by step, the design and set up for those who are thinking about building that type of website.  Here’s this week’s links…

  • One Thing Each Day-  Joshua Milbern talks about weening yourself of “stuff” by removing one material item from your inventory each day.  If minimalism isn’t your bag though, I think that the concept of simply doing one thing each day would get most of us closer to our goals.  In business.  Or for fitness.  Or simply for peace of mind.
  • 9 Years Ago, 37signals Had No Products…- It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the things we want or need to do.  But to put things into perspective, we all have to start somewhere.  Amy Hoy asks are you ready to lay your first brick?
  • Lisa Simpson Gets Why Correlation Does Not Imply Causation-  I talk about correlation in reference to SEO all the time because we tend to like to connect the dots into why things happen regardless of whether they happen because of what we are doing.  Linda Bustos applies this concept to online business models.
  • 6 Things To Learn About Differentiation From The Auto Insurance Industry-  This is an “oldie” by web standards but the thing about marketing that I like is that technology can improve but the basics of marketing will almost always stand the test of time.  Eric Enge illustrates this by showing how the various insurance companies differentiate themselves from each other.
  • Beyond Storytelling. The Theory of Modes and the Web-  How to apply a narrative to your marketing by understanding the various modes of storytelling.  This is an absolutely fabulous read by Gianluca Fiorelli.
  • Finally, if you have ever wondered how many ice cubes it would take to put out the sun, the guys at Straight Dope have the answer for you.