• The one question you must ask for content marketing success-  Success is defined differently for different people, but when it comes to content marketing, this one question is a very good starting point.
  • What I learned from increasing my prices-  The owner of bidsketch talks about the changes he made when increasing his prices as well as the problems that he was facing.
  • A basic social media mistake everyone makes-  This is actually an interview with Shama Kabani and I could make this a spoiler.  Instead, I will quote her-  Most social media marketing efforts fail because, at a fundamental level, people don’t use social media to connect with businesses–or even with each other. People use social media to showcase their own identities.
  • The 6 month link building plan for an established website-  Believe it or not, established websites usually are the ones I deal with, not brand new ones.  And James Agate has this brilliant article on a link building strategy that stretches across half a year.
  • How to Find and Engage Your Community on Reddit-  Reddit is a guilty pleasure of mine ; as in, I don’t use it for business, I use it for fun.  All that said, the Reddit community can drive traffic to your website.  The only premise is it has to be good, as in really good.  Benjamin Beck gives some great tips on how to locate your community on reddit.
  • Why Peer-to-Peer SEO beats influencer Ass Kissing- One of the hands down, best  said ways to get noticed.  Let everyone else kiss the asses the A-list.  Build your own network based on those that share your same world views and beliefs.

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