A couple things before I get into this week’s links. (1) If you like mildly cynical yet funny articles lambasting on the days and lives of SEO’s and inbound marketers, you are going to love the Saloon of Literature.  It’s run by pen-monkey (and SEO) Anthony Pensabene, Patrick Hathaway and Sean Revell, with a domain name that is impossible to remember.  For a laugh (if you are a cynical SEO who’s been doing it for way too long, that is), you should check this article out.  If they can consistently churn masterpieces like this, I may just cancel my Netflix account and take up reading again.  Well, probably not…but it is funny.

(2) Max Minzer has been doing Live Google Hangouts for awhile now.  The focus is on internet marketing and he usually finds a guest that is pretty well versed in their topics.  While I have yet to find the time to experience it “live”, there is a nice collection of videos involving SEO (and other stuff) that you may be interested in.

Here is the link to his videos.

  • Large Scale Language Modeling in Automatic Speech Recognition- 5 years ago, it was pretty easy to game Google search.  These days, I’m not so sure.  Especially when you realize how incredibly complex their Algorithm really is.  Here’s an example…
  • What do people really do when they get a marketing email?- We congratulate ourselves when we go “beyond the click” and measure conversions, revenues and profits. And we’re understandably excited about new metrics like read and print rates. All these numbers have important roles to play. But their availability seduces us into forgetting they do not capture all the important responses to email…..
  • Images, “Truthiness,” and Forced Participation- Jeff Sexton goes over the mind games we play with ourselves in relation to images and written text.
  • Image Optimization 101-  An awesome 101 for webmasters who want to “optimize” their images.
  • 10 Ways to Decrease Your Display Network CPA-  I’m not a big fan of “list” posts but this one is very good, especially if you are using the Display Network for PPC campaigns.
  • Setups and Payoffs- If you have a “set up” in your copy with no “pay-off”, the reader will feel jipped of their time.  If you have no set up and a great pay-off, the reader may not even make it to the end.  Steven Pressfield is talking about screenplays and novels but I think that it applies to content marketing as well.
  • Keyword Match Ratio-  AJ Kohn has a great piece on keywords and defining net value using a simple equation to determine intent for keyword sets.
  • A Crash Course in Conversion-  Oli Gardner outdoes himself with a pretty comprehensive article for conversion 101.
  • Decision Fatigue- Ever been to a restaurant and felt like ordering was work because the server gave you so many choices  (you want fries with that?)  We think we need a lot of choices.  In fact most companies think that the more choices they give, the more serviced we are.The folks at Deliberatism argue that less is actually more….
  • Designing For Everyone Yields Bland Results-  A short read but definitely something to think about.  Jared Spool gives his case why general websites that cater to everyone is a lot like serving up institutional cafeteria food.