I normally leave videos to the end of my links list but this one is important. Because sometimes, when you are plodding along in life, you kind of lose sight of what life means to you and why you do the things you do.  Joe Rogan speaks a truth that we all need to hear-  Be the hero in your own story.

  • Search Marketing Content Vs. Digital PR-  Bill Sebald talks about the importance of search only content in a virtual world that is increasingly headed toward “brand”.
  • Transitioning to a Content Strategy- This is an absolutely excellent article on the recent switch to content marketing and how to pivot away from a link building only strategy to scaling content that gets links by incorporating the minimal viable product concept to content production.
  • The Most Important Writing Lesson I Ever Learned-  This is an old one but it is new me. Steven Pressfield goes over some very real truths in regards to our products, our websites and even our brands.  Lesson #1?  “Nobody wants to read your shit.”  And it’s true.  So, how do you overcome that?
  • What Content Marketers Can Learn from a Newsroom-  In the same vein as the Steven Pressfield article, Amanda Milligan talks a little about what we can learn from how newsrooms approach stories.
  • How To Find Hidden Blog Posts In Your Emails-  Are you out of ideas for new articles?  John Haydon has got some news for you.  You may be able to find new ideas from emails.
  • 7 SEO Principles Bloggers Must Remember- So you got the writing thing down and people are loving your content.  But it isn’t ranking.  What do you do?  Here are 7 basic SEO principles to follow.
  • Learn SEO Campaign KPIs from Beginner To Advanced-  This is basically a crash course into understanding KPI’s.  And if you really want to call yourself a marketer, you need to understand them.
  • I Was Not a Minimalist, Until I Was-  This line says it all-  I am not an expert; I just play one on the Internet. Or rather, I wasn’t an expert on anything … until I was.
  • 7 Reasons Storytelling is Important for Branded Content- There is absolutely nothing more viral than a good story.  If you can manage to tie that story into your brand or product, the power is magnified.  Because, in the end, we purchase things based on how it ties into our story.