There’s a lot of talk about all the changes going on right now.  And a lot of panic if you live in a totally Google obsessed world.

Negative SEO, Authorship markup, over optimization penalties, etc.  If you live in that world, you have probably read something somewhere over the past few weeks.  And if you are relying on Google for your payday, you are probably following really closely to every rumor, speculation and fact to make sure that you aren’t the next victim.

But meanwhile, in another place and (seemingly) in another world….

  • Someone is grabbing email addresses for their new project…
  • Someone is having lunch with a client and is referring them to a website that will help them solve their problem…
  • Someone has brokered a deal to be included as a sponsor in a major local event…
  • Someone has said something smart on a forum and helped 50 people see things differently…
  • Someone has reached out to another “competitor” for a joint venture that will be good for both of them…
  • Someone is testing a keyword group for a pay-per-click campaign that will give a 20% ROI over the year…
  • Someone is attending their first conference in their market and making new connections….
  • Someone is bending over backwards to answer a complaint….
  • An editor for a major newspaper just found someone’s press release and found it interesting enough to publish it….

And so on and so forth….

I recently made a comment on facebook that said this-

This is going to sound crazy but every time I read a “no reason to panic” post re: google search, I wonder to myself, isn’t that a terrible place to live?….always feeling like you have no control over your traffic or your business? And shouldn’t you look for a way to change that, rather than constantly having to check your rankings to make sure that you aren’t the next victim?

The point is that when you live in a totally specialized world (such as ranking in google), you will only see things one way. And while it is true that it is good to be enlightened and informed, gravitating to one ad medium for your sole source of traffic (or major source) when that ad medium can change the rules is simply not smart.

And there isn’t just one way.  There are hundreds of ways.  And hundreds of steps to get there.

What world are you living in?

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