My Philosophy

20140605_175949Hey There!  My name is Leo di Milo but people know me online as drunkonlife.  I am a father and husband whose been tasked with the sometimes seemingly impossible responsibility of grocery shopping and cooking ‘healthy’ dishes for a fickle 9 year old without killing the budget and while balancing our overall health and fitness.  This blog is all about my journey from here to there and my philosophy on food, health and fitness.

What can a guy who is not a photographer and can barely cook offer (you)?

Guy quits smoking and gains 10 pounds looking at ice cream…

True story.  Kind of.  The short of it was I quit smoking 15 years ago and immediately started gaining weight.

In fact, the deciding factor for me was when a co-worker quipped about me and my spare tire.  Que the treadmill and a long 15 years of learning….

…but this isn’t about anyone losing weight…’s about eating delicious home cooked meals and not gaining 2-3 sizes in the process. It’s about learning how to cook first and foremost. It’s about connecting the dots between different ethnicities and exploring good health but on a budget that almost anyone can and should follow. It’s about family time around a table rather than 3 individuals eating while staring at the TV or their phones….

My style of cooking is somewhere between cheap, fast and unprocessed with good health in mind.  I believe that anyone can learn to cook and everyone is better off for it in the long run.

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