So, I get a phone call from a band manager who is looking to improve his clients SEO and wants to be more visible in search.

But here’s the rub-  They have a new single out which is burning up the R & B Billboard charts.  They also have a wikipedia page and each band member have individual pages.  They also are about to set out on a world tour.

That is a recipe for a dream SEO job.  Because all the linking elements are there and it is just a matter of connecting the dots, right?  Actually, it’s about building enough energy to make the links happen with the least amount of work.  It’s the reason why I think that link builders should change their job title to energy creators.

Link Builders are Energy Creators.

Let’s call it what it is.  We call ourselves link builders.  But really…we create energy.

Old school link building strategies are static in nature, much like getting a one off from a customer you will never see again.  But there is more to it….building links, if done right, is more about creating energy and using that energy to give SEO campaigns momentum.

When Debra Mastaler talks about creative link building, what she really is talking about is taking a strategy and giving it a push.  When Justin Briggs talks about outreach, building personas and link building, he is really talking about creating an energy that will give the link building campaign legs to run.  Link Building is the term that they may use but what they are essentially doing is mining the elements of energy that will fuel the campaign.

It’s not about the link itself…it’s about the potential links and traffic coming from that link.


I think that that is an important distinction to make here and it is coming through the eyes of a marketer ;  not simply someone who “does” SEO.  You shouldn’t be looking at links as simply a source to rank in search as much as you should look at them as a source for creating more energy for your brand.

Leveraging Existing Resources for link building

This isn’t about looking for obvious links.  It is more about developing a marketing strategy that’s interesting enough to facilitate potential links with your existing resources.

Here are some examples of resources that most businesses already have….

  • Leveraging Friends and business acquaintances.
  • Leveraging existing Products and benefit angles
  • Leveraging On going list building campaigns
  • Leveraging off line advertisements and branding campaigns
  • Community based projects, charities and non-profit events

From there, you create a campaign that is interesting enough for someone to talk about and use your resources available to promote it.  If you are a local brand, this gets a lot easier.  Newspapers, free weeklies, and other off line advertising mediums can be a great cog for generating energy for not only link building (from local bloggers, etc.) but can quickly build brand awareness.

Your resources create the energy to start with.  And as the momentum builds, you acquire more resources from those who actively engage your brand for future link building campaigns (responding and building relationships with those who referenced your brand).

That’s link building the right way in a nutshell.  And no, it’s not that easy.  It takes a degree of creativity and interpersonal skills that most don’t have (which is why traditional link building is so popular).  But it is more effective long term, not only in terms of ranking in search but also in building a more powerful PR engine.

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