Update:  You can actually read more of his Story here (NYTimes)

Content Marketing is the hot button subject for SEO these days.  There are very few places that you can go that won’t recommend guest posting on other people’s blogs as well as submitting a weekly rush of content to your website.  And there are websites devoted to showing you how to generate content.

All that said, I don’t think that there is a plainer and more succinct way to describe what content marketing is than how Marcus Sheridan of the Sales Lion did during a recent seminar.

Here’s what he did.

  1. Identified the most frequently asked questions involving his industry.
  2. Wrote content that answered those questions.

That’s content marketing in a nutshell.  Figure out what questions they are asking and provide with enough answers to get them comfortable with buying from you.

His business was pools.  So, he figured out (from experience), what answers it took to move the prospective buyer to purchasing a pool.  And he gave them the answers and slowly moved them through the funnel process of turning them from a lead to a customer.

He did something else as well….

Once he had the content up, he figured out roughly how many questions it took to move the prospective buyer into purchasing and once he figured it out, he re-purposed that content into an e-book, which he would then in turn, suggest to his lead to read before his sales guy met with them.

As he put it, you can’t sell anything if you are too busy answering questions.


So the next time, you are reading those list posts on how to “do” content marketing, understand that it is really quite simple-  Discover the questions your market is asking and answer them.

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